Ford Fusion Hybrid gets 39 MPG in Consumer Reports test





It wasn’t long ago that Ford was criticized for having it’s Hybrid models not reaching anywhere near the EPA rated gas mileage of 47 MPG. Now, Consumer Reports is confirming this with test results on the 2013 Ford Fusion.

2013 Ford Fusion Energi and Hybrid models

Consumer Reports says their 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid returned 39 MPG – that’s the highest rating any midsize sedan they’ve ever tested has received, but it’s also substantially less than the 47 MPG EPA rating the Ford Fusion Hybrid has.

Despite mileage concerns, the Ford Fusion Hybrid received an overall thumbs up from Consumer Reports with an impressive drivetrain and great performance, ride and handling, and styling.

Consumer Reports also tested the Ford Focus Electric and the Mitsubishi i. While none of these 3 new vehicles were recommended, it was mostly because they are too new to gather reliability data on each model.

Last month Consumer Reports announced that after testing the C-max hybrid, and achieving only 37MPG instead of the EPA rated 47 MPG, they announced the Mazda5 beat out the C-max for best overall in its class.

Strangely enough, consumers don’t seem to mind. Last month Ford posted record sales numbers for both the Ford C-max hybrid and the Ford Fusion Hybrid.


  • Rumpole says:

    We bought a Fusion Energi a week and a half ago. We have had an amazingly different experience… since most of my wife’s driving is done in our town, the car usually stays in electric mode only – the gas engine hardly ever comes on. As a consequence our MPG is averaging approx. 80 MPG! That is an honest number – no hype. We love this thing.

    • admin says:

      Glad to hear you are enjoying your Fusion Energi! I believe the Consumer Reports test was long enough that the gas engine was used for most of it – how do you find the mileage when using the gas engine?

      • Rumpole says:

        We are about to a road trip, I will know more after that. If I get 35 – 40 MPG, I’ll be happy – given the size of the car and the fact that the thing has every option on it that they offer.

    • Richelle says:

      I bought a regular Fusion hybrid (not the Energi) and got 88 mpg on my way back from the grocery store tonight, 2.5 miles. I got just over 60 on the way there. If I drive shorter distances and really watch the threshold gauge I get great gas mileage. Longer highway distances average about 41-43 mpg, but I’ve also got over 53 mpg a couple times on a 20 mile drive I frequently make mostly on roads where the speed limit is 45 mph. I only have 600 miles on it so we’ll see how well it does from here on out, but right now I couldn’t be happier.

  • Rumpole says:

    Following up to my first post – Last Saturday I drove our Fusion Energi from Ashland Oregon to our home near Sacramento Ca. (306 miles) with the cruise control set at 65 MPH. The car got 46.1 MPG (the are was loaded to the hilt and the A/C was on all the time). I am a happy camper.

  • gnedbalek says:

    Hello all, we’re new here so not sure about protocols but here goes. We have a 2013 Fusion Energi now 9K miles.
    Our first trip 600 miles we averaged 43.8mpg. That’s pump gal. vs odometer miles. We are retired and in no hurry so drive 65mph usually. Our second trip 900 miles aver. 47.2mpg. About 150 miles @ 75-80mph. Our average in town trip 30-40 miles 30% hiway speed and averaged 90-101mpg. AND YES, WE TOO, LOVE THIS THING!
    PS: Our previous car was a Prius (38-41 mpg same driving conditions above)

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