Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Comparison

Comparing Plug-in Hybrids As the hybrid vehicle and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle interest grows, more and more automakers are getting in on the action by offering their own vehicle models as plug-in hybrid vehicles. Here is a quick run-down and comparison of current plug-in electric vehicle models:   2013 Ford Fusion Energi Base Price: $39,495 Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Comparison

Ford Fusion Energy

The Ford Fusion Energy is the 5th vehicle in Ford’s electrified vehicle lineup, following behind the Ford Focus Electric, Ford C-max Energy, Ford C-max Hybrid and Ford Fusion Hybrid. Designed from the beginning to be very efficient, the Fusion Energy is Ford’s answer to the Toyota Prius. The Prius has been dominated the market for Ford Fusion Energy

Ford Fusion Energi Warranty

Ford Fusion Energi Warranty There’s been much discussion in cyber space about the Ford Fusion Hybrid and Ford Fusion Energi and what warranty Ford will offer on them. Here’s a collection of some mis-information, and examples of confusion surrounding the different Fusion Energi and Hybrid specific models. Basic warranty is listed as 3 years Ford Fusion Energi Warranty

Fusion Energi Trunk and Cargo Space

Ford Fusion Energi Trunk and Cargo Space There’s been much talk in the cyber-world about cargo space in plug-in hybrid electric vehicles like the 2013 Fusion Energi, mostly because people are concerned with the amount of space that the larger lithium-ion battery packs take up. In the Ford Focus Electric, the 23kWh batter pack takes Fusion Energi Trunk and Cargo Space

Ford Fusion Energi production schedule

Ford Fusion Energi production was initially rumored to be earlier – scheduling was to start December 12th, and production of the Fusion Energi was to begin January 7th. However, according to a site called, those dates have been bumped back. Donlen is a Hertz Company, and seemingly gets fleet data from Ford and posts Ford Fusion Energi production schedule