Will the Ford Fusion Energi compete with the Volt?

Ford has put a lot of thought into the design and functionality of the 2013 Ford Fusion Energi. While initially it was thought that the Fusion Energi would be a Prius Plug-in competitor, it seems that Ford has positioned the Fusion Energi to take on the Chevy Volt even better.

Here are some details that help enforce that idea:


The Chevy Volt is a compact four seat hatchback, while the Fusion Energi is a mid-size four door sedan with more space and five seats

Electric Range

The Volt gets up to 40 pure electric miles, the Fusion Energi gets up to 20 miles at lower speeds. The Fusion Energi allows you to choose when you use your electric power, with an EV:Now, EV:Later, and EV:Auto drive modes.


The 2013 Volt starts at $39,995 and $7,500 tax rebate. The Fusion Energi isn’t priced yet, but it will qualify for a $3,750 rebate.

For drivers with short commutes, the Fusion Energi 20 mile range will be enough. Ford is also predicting that overall efficiency and gas mileage of the Fusion Energi will be competitive with, or better than the Chevy Volt numbers.

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