Fusion Energi Trunk and Cargo Space

Ford Fusion Energi Trunk and Cargo Space

There’s been much talk in the cyber-world about cargo space in plug-in hybrid electric vehicles like the 2013 Fusion Energi, mostly because people are concerned with the amount of space that the larger lithium-ion battery packs take up.

In the Ford Focus Electric, the 23kWh batter pack takes up a substantial amount of trunk space over the gasoline powered Focus as they had to raise the floor of the trunk to accommodate the pack.

2012 Ford Focus Electric trunk space

Ford Focus Electric trunk space showing battery pack box


In the Fusion Energi, which is another vehicle that was first built as a gasoline powered car and converted to a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, the battery pack again takes up some valuable cargo space. However, since the Energi is not a fully electric vehicle and instead a plug-in hybrid, the battery pack is only 7.6kWh so it is physically smaller.

This is a picture of the Fusion Hybrid that is rated at 12 cubic feet. The battery pack is raised up and only takes up about 4 cubic feet of space, still allowing ample pass-through area when the seats are flipped down.

2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid Trunk space with folded seats

Ford Fusion Hybrid trunk space showing battery pack and pass-through area


Here are some pictures of a Ford Fusion Energi trunk space showing the pass-through design as well – that would only work for small items like skis or surfboards perhaps.

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  • John Richards says:

    How high in inches is the trunk space for pass through items to the rear seats on the Ford Fusion Energi

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