Ford offers $500 rebate to Sandy victims

Ford is offering a $500 rebate on a new Ford, or a new Lincoln vehicle to customers affected by Hurricane and SuperStorm Sandy. The rebate, being called a Disaster Relief Bonus Cash program, is open to current residents of the mid-Atlantic and Northeast affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Unfortunately, for those interested in the 2013 Fusion Hybrid or 2013 Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid, the rebate expires in January 2013 – likely before the Fusion Energi will be available.

“Severe weather has ravaged the East Coast and the loss in personal property as a result is enormous,” said Curt Skaluba, Ford parts and service manager for the east region.

Residents with electric vehicles have benefited greatly during the disaster by being able to charge their vehicles and still get around. A Ford Fusion Energi would probably allow up to 20 miles of driving without using any gasoline – that would be a great asset during the aftermath of a storm when fuel shortages abound.

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