Ford Fusion Energi production schedule

Ford Fusion Energi production was initially rumored to be earlier – scheduling was to start December 12th, and production of the Fusion Energi was to begin January 7th. However, according to a site called, those dates have been bumped back.

Donlen is a Hertz Company, and seemingly gets fleet data from Ford and posts it on the site. Their latest listing says that the 2013 Ford Fusion Energi scheduling will take place December 19th, 2012 and Fusion Energi production (misprinted on Donlen as scheduling again) begins January 21, 2013.

Since we didn’t hear anything in the press around December 19th, we’re not sure if the scheduling took place as it was supposed to. We’re hoping that it did and that production will happen on January 21st. There is always a chance that the misprint on Donlen wasn’t actually a misprint, and that scheduling has been bumped back to begin on January 21st, with no date listed for production…?

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