Ford expands dealer network for upcoming Fusion Energi and the C-max Energi

When the Ford Focus Electric was first released, Ford was selling the electric vehicle at 67 dealerships across 19 initial launch markets. Since then, Ford has more than 200 dealers that have taken certification training to be able to sell electric and plug-in electric vehicles like the Ford C-max Energi and the Ford Fusion Energi.

More than 900 Ford dealers across the nation are already certified, or enrolled to be certified to sell the Fusion Energi. Ford’s original estimate was for 350 dealerships, so 900 is way more than expected.

According to Ford, over 25% of buyers are placing plug-in hybrids on their shopping list, and Ford has the Fusion Energi coming out just in time. Ford plans to certify dealers in all 50 states by early 2013 when the Fusion Energi Plug-in Hybrid arrives.

Since Ford is so aggressively marketing the C-max Energi against the Toyota Prius, it’s safe to assume the Fusion Energi will need to beat all of the specs of the Camry Hybrid, and the upcoming Accord Plug-in Hybrid. Some speculate the Fusion Energi could be just as efficient as the C-max Energi, but have more passenger space and perhaps more cargo space as well.

The Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid aims to be the most fuel-efficient midsize car in the world with more than 100MPGe.

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